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Acupuncture and Weight Loss

Acupuncture for weight lossBeautiful woman having acupuncture. Beautiful woman relaxing on a bed having acupuncture treatment with three fine needles in and around her ear lobe

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Ear Acupuncture and Weight Loss

The concept of the Traditional Chinese Medicine implies that the body’s vital energy Qi, is running through the body along the meridians where they branch out to the organs and functions. When there is an imbalance, the respective organ system will be treated with fine needles at the respective meridian point. For acupuncture weight loss, the choice is ear acupuncture, as the most important points are situated in the ear.

Ear Acupuncture may hold promise for weight loss

Obesity can be treated with acupuncture and in combination with the proper diet and exercise, it does produce promising results.

A noticeable weight reduction of 75% from the patient have an effect after treatment. Even the „diet resistant“ who tried several diets with no positive outcome or those with lack of perseverance should take advantage of the Ear acupuncture as an additional form of therapy. As an American Study reveals that it is a supportive adjunct therapy for Obesed patients. (Source: A. Kuruvilla, Acupuncture and Obesity).

How does acupuncture work

Ear acupuncture has been introduced since 1951 by a French Doctor, Paul Nogier, who found out, that the ear represents all parts of the body. One reason, why the body reacts so fast on the ear acupuncture is, that the brain is closer to the stimuli.

Acupuncture is a system of complementary medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues with needles. It is used to alleviate pain and to treat various physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Originating in ancient China, acupuncture is now widely practiced in the West.Studies showed that acupuncture treatment releases pain relieving messenger substances and „happy hormones“ (endorphins).

There are two different techniques, while one says, that only one needle should be used, where the needle is placed on the hunger and appetite point, the other method advices five needles on different points.

As soon as the doctor found out, where the needles have to be placed, the patient will get the needles, which will be at least 1 millimeter out of the skin and fixed with a plaster. They will stay in the ear for at least 10 days, depending on the patients results.




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Acupuncture for Weight Loss can influence your Body with following reactions:

– a faster metabolism and fat burning
– deceleration of sensation of hunger
– feeling of satiety faster
– stops recurrent overeating
– detoxification
– patient feels more balanced, calm and likewise more active


Ear acupuncture alone does not show an effect, you have to combine it with diet and exercise, but it does help your metabolic system to work faster, the benefits are a weight loss.

Traditional Chinese Medicine exists more than 2000 years and includes various forms of therapy like herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and exercise just to list a few. In the 1950s, the Chinese Government reintroduced the TCM and included some roots of the western medicine with anatomy and pathology.

A small study has been published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine in December 2013.

The study says that there is a small improvement in weight loss compared to a control group. Larger improvements were seen in five-point ear acupuncture compared to the single-point ear acupuncture.
But there need to be more study-groups to acknowledge the use of acupuncture as the study-groups haven’t been controlled over their diets and lifestyle.

All about „Qi“

According to the TCM, the body’s vital energy, the Qi, is running through the body along the meridians which serves the whole system including the organs. If an imbalance exists, it can be adjusted by balancing the respective element, metal, wood, fire, air, with the right nutrition as well as with acupuncture or other forms of Chinese treatment.

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