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Are You Down to Earth?

So we have all heard the term “earthy” typically used to identify someone who is aligned with nature. You know the type, maybe you are that person. The very core of their being is truly organic and natural. Sometimes I wish I had that quality. Part of me would love to be au naturale with minimal make-up, hair that looks like “I didn’t try”, and have an entire wardrobe comprised of 100% cotton or bamboo. Oh, and don’t forget the body spray that smells of sandalwood and jasmine. Being “earthy” sounds absolutely wonderful.

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Unfortunately, my wardrobe is peppered with poly-blends, my hair almost always looks as though it took 30 minutes to style, I own lip gloss named after junk food, like cotton candy, and though my favorite fragrance hints at a fruit orchard, I don’t think anyone would consider me the “earthy” type.

Getting back to nature has to be more than just a personality, or the way one dresses, or even how they smell, patchouli anyone? I believe becoming one with the earth really means tapping into the spirit of Mother Nature. When I think of times where I have felt the most free, and connected it’s always when I am in the water with my feet buried in sandy bed of the ocean. I feel a calmness that is inexplicable. I sometimes have a similar feeling when I am gardening, and my hands are deep in the soil, I feel energized. It wasn’t until I gave more thought to what I believed to be a phenomenon that I feel this way only when my skin is touching the earth, and began researching, that I discovered a concept called “earthing”.


Earthing was discovered by a gentleman, Clint Ob, who made an observation that many of the shoes in our present day have been replaced with synthetic material, and as such may be impacting our health. Plenty of people have talked about earthing, and its benefits, including Dr. Oz. In the most basic sense, earthing is simply the action of grounding your skin, ideally your bare feet, to the earth. When was the last time you walked barefoot outside? Or, had your feet sink into a sandy beach and didn’t enjoy it? Probably never, and that is because your skin is an amazing conductor due to our bodies being made primarily of water. Therefore, the wonderful feelings you get when your skin is connected to the earth is due to the energy that flows through you when you are grounded.

As a massage therapist I am familiar with meridians that run throughout our bodies. However, there is one meridian that conducts more energy than any other, and it is located on the bottom of the foot. So, it makes perfect sense that one would feel most connected and energized when barefoot and grounded to the earth.

Benefits of Earthing?

Dr. Oschman, a follower of earthing, believes grounding yourself to the earth creates a transfer of energy resulting in the creation of antioxidants. Antioxidants play a tremendous role in fighting disease, aging, and inflammation. By grounding yourself to the earth, you can potentially reduce harmful effects according to him. I’m not certain if earthing can minimize one’s ability to get wrinkles, or reduce disease by walking barefoot. However, I will happily bury my feet into the earth more often to ward off crow’s feet, frown lines, and wrinkles.

Best Sources for Earthing?

  • Beach: Being near the sea or ocean is great, because salt water is a great conductor of energy, and our bodies are majority of water.
  • Grassy areas: Walking on grass that has been covered with dew is ideal.
  • Unsealed concrete: Concrete is a decent conductor, as long as it’s not sealed to allow the flow of energy.
Kristy Wiggins-Gilbraith
A veteran of the US Navy, Kristy is a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist specializing in degenerative neuro-muscular disease. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of two companies specializing in natural personal care, the host of her own online radio show, and is a soon to be published author - as well as contributing here on Wisely Organic.

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