Kristy Wiggins-Gilbraith

Kristy Wiggins-Gilbraith
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A veteran of the US Navy, Kristy is a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist specializing in degenerative neuro-muscular disease. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of two companies specializing in natural personal care, the host of her own online radio show, and is a soon to be published author - as well as contributing here on Wisely Organic.
living in a community

Tips for Healthy Living in a Community

Studies have shown that bout 30% of deaths in the United States were attributed to the environment and accessibility to basic services. The study concluded that those who reside in communities where healthcare is not readily available, with unsafe living...


Discover Aromatherapy

If you look up the definition of aromatherapy you would find that aromatherapy is “a type of alternative medicine that uses plant-derived aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well being.” Simply put aromatherapy uses certain natural scents to...