Healthy Home: How to Choose Windows for your Home

Windows are a big investment in any home as they could either add value to your home or decrease its value if you haven’t chosen the right one.

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Once you embark on the window repair mission in your home, you may decide to rather replace it instead of just repairing the glass. There is so much to consider when deciding. Getting the right windows are important as they also make a fashion statement and show off your taste. You must consider things like your homes style, theme and the energy efficiency of that window. The right windows could really make your home visually appealing, but you may find it a daunting task since there are so many options available.

Window styles and designs

To begin with, you must decide on the materials used. Vinyl windows offer a sleek and modern look which is also affordable. Wood windows, on the other hand, are relatively more expensive however they boast a timeless beauty and appeal, and they get much more appealing with time. Ensure that you choose windows that match the style of your home because sometimes putting expensive windows in a home that is not well suited for it, may just look tacky.

You have the following options when choosing windows:

  1. Casement windows – these are hinged on either side and allow for the panes to move outward like a door. They provide the best ventilation.
  2. Awning windows – these are a variation of casement windows and stop rain from entering your home.
  3. Single hung windows – they contain 2 sashes, the top one does not move while the bottom slides up and down.
  4. Fixed pane windows – they do not open and are merely used to transmit light into the home.

What is R value and U value?

Windows need to be of high standard and quality as they play a very important role in keeping heat and cold out of your home.

R Value – measures the windows ability to withstand the flow of heat. If the R value is high, the window is more efficient.

U Value – This measure the windows ability to retain heat and prevent it from escaping. The lower the U Value, the more energy efficient the window is.


As mentioned above, windows are available in many different materials. These include:

  1. Vinyl – it is affordable and thus very popular. It is also low maintenance and durable.
  2. Aluminium – it is affordable and also durable. It is another low maintenance option and is a conductor of heat and cold.
  3. Wood – this type is expensive however has the ability to add so much value to your home.
  4. Vinyl clad wood – this is the premium choice of the window which provides you with the best of wood and vinyl. It has the beautiful finish of wood with the low maintenance of vinyl.

There are so many options to consider when looking at windows for your home. It is most important to pay attention to the home’s style and flow before deciding on a window that you prefer.

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