Differences between Himalayan Salt and Table Salt

himalayan salt

All this hype about some pink salt among all the health fanatics! Isn’t all salts just salt?

Wrong, there is so much more to Himalayan salt than its color. And unlike regular salt, you can use it for a lot more purposes than just cooking! So stick around and find out exactly why health and fitness fanatics are going nuts for this particular salt.


The very first difference between regular table salt and Himalayan salt is that of the toxins. Regular table salt is sea salt that has been refined. Our seas, as we all know, are now polluted to no end! Our marine life is dying, there is a massive load of trash dumped by industries in the ocean, and not to mention the many oil spills we have seen in the past.

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All these factors have made the salt in our seas very toxic. So naturally, it is no longer completely safe to consume either.

Himalayan Pink Salt, on the other hand, is found on very high-altitude salt mountains in Pakistan. Thus, this salt is free from all the toxins that regular table salt is polluted with. It is so pure that many believe it to be the reason for its pale pink hue.

Health Benefits

There are a lot of health benefits we can get from sea salt which is why we must include it in our diet. But now-a-days, doctors are recommending many people to reduce the salt intake in their diet. Because this refined table salt is extremely notorious for raising our blood pressure and making us permanently hypertensive.

Regular table salt is also known for causing water retention in our bodies. This makes us feel bloated and as a result, our bellies become huge!

Regular salt is also highly refined and processed to remove impurities and is consequently stripped off of all the essential minerals that it contains.

Himalayan Pink Salt is different. Firstly, it has lower sodium chloride content which makes it healthier for our heart and blood pressure.

Secondly, pink salt does not cause water retention in our bodies. At the same time, it does not dehydrate us either. It is a very light substitute for regular salt.

Other than that, pink salt is also mined by hand and not completely refined. So it contains a lot of the minerals and trace elements which our body can benefit from.

Other health benefits of pink salt include:

  • Optimizes the body’s pH value
  • Treats respiratory diseases
  • Helps with Insomnia
  • Makes skin healthy and glowing


Table salt comes in refined grains and can be used for very few things other than seasoning food.

Pink salt comes in fine grain, coarse grain, and large crystals as well! So you can add it to your meals but you can also do the following:

  • Make body scrubs out of it
  • Add it to face masks
  • Get a salt lamp

So it can not only season your food but also heals you from the inside out!

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