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Breastfeeding, Who Gets to Decide?

No, I’m talking about basic human rights, economics, workplace accommodations, social and cultural bias, education or lack thereof, and that is just for starters. There are also family dynamics, practical considerations, personal experiences, health issues and the list goes on....

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Ease Stress to Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

Whilst there is no conclusive evidence that stress can trigger arthritis (as everyone handles stress differently); it is easy to see the connection between stress and pain management. Arthritis can be extremely painful and many people seek different forms of...

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Are You Down to Earth?

Unfortunately, my wardrobe is peppered with poly-blends, my hair almost always looks as though it took 30 minutes to style, I own lip gloss named after junk food, like cotton candy, and though my favorite fragrance hints at a fruit...