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DNA Testing: What It Reveals About Your Health, Body and Skin

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DNA testing has gotten incredibly popular lately. People are using at-home DNA tests to discover their ancestry, but the benefits stop there.

We’ve been studying DNA for over 100 years, but it’s mostly been limited to family history, solving crimes, and learning cool little facts about yourself.

Now, we can finally use DNA to improve our lives – including our health, minds, and even our skin’s complexion.

With a simple DNA test, we can discover what kind of vitamin deficiencies you’re likely to have, how your body metabolizes fat, and what nutrients your body needs. We can also find out if your skin requires more Vitamin C to stay fresh and firm, or if you need a particular ingredient to maintain youthful skin.

How DNA Can Create the Perfect Products for You

Scientists have begun to find connections between particular sections of DNA and ingredients that work best for that DNA.

These small sections of DNA are called “SNPs,” pronounced “snips.”

When we look at the relationship between SNPs and active ingredients, or the deficiencies related to those ingredients, we can create products just for you, based on your DNA and lifestyle, so that you get exactly what you need – with no excess chemicals.

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Constantly Updated to Suit Your Changing Life

We don’t just look at your genetic history: by using information from your changing life, we can create better and more precise products.

For example, if you’re diagnosed with a new illness or you quit smoking, that might affect your ideal combination of ingredients.

We can constantly update your skincare and supplement kits with this new information, unlike generic products that just rely on random guesses about which ingredients will work for the average person.

The Damages of Generic Supplements and Skincare Routines

Generic supplements and skincare kits, made without your DNA, contain excess ingredients that your body either doesn’t need or won’t benefit from.

Worse yet, you may be damaging your body without realizing it.

For example, a multivitamin will contain a wide range of nutrients, including some that can cause serious illnesses if you take too much. If your body doesn’t need extra iron, then loading it up with that metal can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and even liver failure.

There are also risks with generic skincare products.

Since skincare companies don’t know what your DNA needs, they put together a mix of ingredients. Your body might only need one of those ingredients to maintain youthful skin, but since they don’t know, they have to take a guess.

This means excess chemicals in your skincare products, and it can ultimately cause invisible damage to your skin and body.

Learn More About Your Perfect DNA-Crafted Product Packs Today

LifeDNA is the company behind this innovation in supplements and skincare.

Once you have a DNA test done, they can begin creating your unique product packs. Plus, if you’ve already had a DNA test with one of the leading DNA companies, they can use that information to get started.

Using your DNA, you can finally create the perfect products for you, without having to take random guesses.

You can learn more about the science behind these DNA-crafted product packs here.

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