Thursday, September 20, 2018


Healthy Home

How to Create a Healthy Home Environment

We spend a great part of our lives in our homes: eating, sleeping, relaxing, working, spending time with our families and meeting our friends. So it is very important that we create a safe and healthy home environment. There are...

aroma oils and salt

Aromatherapy: a Modern Science

The distilled essences of leaves, blossoms, bark and other plant parts are known as essential oils; they contain powerful phytochemicals that can promote healing and well-being. Aromatherapy treatments use essential oils in a variety of ways- they may be inhaled...

stress arthritis relief
Healthy Living

Ease Stress to Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

Whilst there is no conclusive evidence that stress can trigger arthritis (as everyone handles stress differently); it is easy to see the connection between stress and pain management. Arthritis can be extremely painful and many people seek different forms of...

End Constipation

End Constipation

How to end Constipation Have you ever had a constipation, felt bloated and had a headache which made you even more miserable? Then you're probably not alone with your symptoms, about 2,5 Million alone in the USA are regularly visiting...

Web of Light - Diana Cooper

Web of Light – Diana Cooper

Find out what the Secrets are behind Atlantis and how important the Christ Energy is for Humankind and the World and more secrets revealed, I can recommend this book. Thrilling until the End    - Revealing Novel with true insights about...

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