Web of Light – Diana Cooper

Web of Light - Diana Cooper

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Find out what the Secrets are behind Atlantis and how important the Christ Energy is for Humankind and the World and more secrets revealed, I can recommend this book.

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Thrilling until the End    –

Revealing Novel with true insights about Christ Energy

If you ever wanted to know more about Atlantis, how important the Christ Energy is for Humankind and the World and more secrets revealed I can recommend this book. Diana Cooper is leading you through this magnificent story that she traveled by herself before from the Sphinx in Egypt to the White Lions in Timbavati, South Africa over to the Dolphins in Mozambique and Hawaii. All of these creatures play an important role in the help of getting back the energy of the golden age that is expecting us in a few years.

The story is set in Africa and goes from Cairo to South Africa to the Timbavati where a white lion cup plays an important role, as it is the bringer of the Christ Energy spreading the world again. This quest again, as the other two Novels that Diana Cooper has written before in “The Silent Stones” and “The Codes of Power” is with Helen and her daughter together with her husband who are working for the light – the good in the world.

Diana’s Guides message is very important and I feel that it is important to spread her message here too:

It is time that Africa is healed and the seam of gold that leads through Africa from Egypt to South Africa is mended again. This line, that is part of the worlds web of light,  has been destroyed by mining and has been pulled from the earth by dark forces. Gold represents enlightenment. Not only Africa will be healed but the whole world depends on that healing. You can get active and support the healing process with either imagining the following process or even better by doing it:

Get an Africa map (go to and place following Crystals on the Africa map:

  • Black Obsidian on top of the Giza Plateau
  • Yellow Citrine on the Source of the Nile
  • Red Garnet on the Great Zimbabwe
  • Green Malachite on the Timbavati
  • Blue Lapis in Durban

You not only serve the planet with this action, but also the healing within yourself.


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