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Choosing Organic Products Should Be Priority Number One

I cannot stress enough how important it is to choose organic products for you and your family. We have entered into an era where research has shown the devastating effects on humans due to modern agriculture. I am passionate about spreading the word and changing the health of our country. Unfortunately we have turned into a society that cares more about the might dollar than the welfare of the people.

organic productsCredit: Vild0ne - Pixabay

Organic products are becoming more available as the demand becomes more popular.

Genetic engineering, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and large scale mechanization is the back bone to today’s agriculture. It is important to note that agriculture still employees nearly half of the world’s population today.

When you eat an apple, green pepper or any other plant based food, the chemicals that where applied to those fields are grown into that food. There is no way to wash these toxins off. They are in the soil, the root system, the plant, the fruit and then into you. The same goes with products made that surround your skin. Take cotton for example. 8.5 million tons of pesticides are dumped onto cotton fields in the US annually. It is one of the most chemically treated fields and we surround ourselves with it daily. Even after it is washed, woven and chemically bleached, it still remains extremely poisonous.

Most people are allergic to all synthetic chemicals in one form or another.

It is extremely important to note that many chemicals are carcinogens. These are cancer causing agents. This is a great resource to all the cancer inflicted on so many people today. The EPA did a study and found that at least 50% of children acquired their cancer risks the first two years of life. That is a huge motivator to protect our children even more. There are so many more effects from these toxins. Pesticides have been proven to cause miscarriages in women, alteration of the male reproductive function, damage to nervous systems and much more. The list is endless.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is by far not the easiest and most cost beneficial, however, it promotes health for both humans and the environment. Organic farming forbids the use of chemicals and uses natural defense mechanisms. Crop rotation is used for weeds, insects for natural pest control and other natural fertilizers. The organic community works on integrity and love. It is impossible, at this point, for organic farms to compete with industrial farming operations. However, organic farming is becoming more popular and small communities are developing every day to support this important movement.

Again, I cannot express how important it is for everyone to do the research, make the commitment to change and support organic products. Not only organic food, but organic bedding, organic cosmetics and everything else we use daily needs to be free of harmful chemicals. I encourage you to start one step at a time and make the change.

I am committed to helping people understand the importance and health benefits to organic products. From my family to yours, sleep well.

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