End Constipation

End Constipation

How to end Constipation

Have you ever had a constipation, felt bloated and had a headache which made you even more miserable? Then you’re probably not alone with your symptoms, about 2,5 Million alone in the USA are regularly visiting the doctor because of their Constipation.

What exactly is a Constipation

Constipation is defined very different from person to person. They define their chronic constipation in lower bowel movements being realized during weeks. Chronic Constipation means that you are having difficulty passing stools, it can be painful and straining, the stool may be small, hard or formed or a combination of it.

The definition of the frequency of the bowel habits should not lead to the definition of having a constipation as experts say, that sufferers underestimate their habits. But as a number it can be said, that the stool frequency of less than three per week that lasts several months can be defined as a constipation which ends up in being a chronic constipation.

Why do we get Constipation

There exist many myths about why you get Constipation and also the definition of a Constipation includes many “truths”.

Constipation can occur, when you set yourself under constant stress and other psychological issues like depression and it can be from older issues, like abuse, in somebody’s life. Also if you are suffering from a hypo thyrosis meaning a lower thyroid hormone level.

Eating wrongly can lead to a Chronic Constipation, so your lifestyle can be the reason for your Constipation, take the eating quiz to find out about your eating habits.

Taking multivitamins regularly can cause a Chronic Constipation as the iron included will increase the chance of a Chronic Constipation. Pregnant women suffer more from Constipation as well.

Don’t ignore your thirst, drink regularly. Especially older people tend to be less thirsty and should consider to drink water more often.

How can a Chronic Constipation be relieved


Make it a habit to go to the bathroom at the same time, like in the morning as your colon activity is at its highest in the morning time.

Your Body tells you exactly what he wants

Listen to your body, he knows what’s best, don’t ignore the signs. Go if your bowel movement tells you to go to the Bathroom. What happens, if you ignore the sign, is that your stool will become harder which makes it even harder for your to release your stool.


What happens if you are under constant stress, your body is in the fight or flight mode, your body will produce several hormones that are needed in a stressful emergency situation. The same happens when you set your body under constant stress. During this time, imagine you were living in stone age fighting for your life….going to toilet wouldn’t be the first you were thinking of. Our body is quite intelligent “machine”. So take some time to rest and relax, meditate and if it were only for a short time, doesn’t matter, science proofed that meditation is effective to help maintaining your health. Relaxation will help your body and with that your digestion.

Drink enough

Drinking plenty of water can help you when you feel constipated. It is recommended to drink 11/2 to 2 Liters of liquid (preferably water) during the day, remind yourself, that soft drinks as well as most fruit drinks (if not fresh) contain a lot of sugar. Drink even more if you are exercising or when it is hot.

Eat more fiber

When you are already suffering of Constipation, try dietary fiber and fiber laxatives and drink them with a lot of water, this will usually help relieving your constipation. I had a doctor who recommended taking the laxatives would help avoiding many intestinal diseases including cancer. Think about what you eat and adapt your food accordingly.

Exercise more

Go for a walk regularly, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take your bike. No matter what you do for exercise, it should help your intestinal system as well as your whole body, to work better. Not only will you help to maintain your body form but also your hormones and with that depression, feeling of stress and anxiety will be regulated. This will lead to an overall balanced self.

Magnesium can help

Taking a low dose of magnesium can help relieve your Constipation, check with your MD for more information.

Don’t hesitate when your Constipation takes long

If you have a change in your bowel habits, consider going to the doctor. Remember to listen to your body and if you feel, it could be something wrong ask an expert for more information.

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