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Weighted Body Shawls & Their Benefits

Weighted body shawls are another wonderful addition to weighted products that boast a diversity of benefits. They are great for adults, kids, and the elderly with specific disorders like anxiety, autism, ADHD, and those with busy lifestyles. Body shawls are on the increasing trend now, with people who travel a lot have been using them the most.

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How Do Weighted Body Shawls Help?

Wrapping around the weighted body shawls will make you feel protected like a big hug. They help treat anxiety, sensory disorders, focus, sleep, and much more. But how do they do this?

Body shawls provide pressure which causes the brain to release neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. This can create a calming effect, induce relaxation, and help in stabilizing the mood, giving you a feeling of being hugged. Using this therapeutic body shawl before bedtime can provide you with a comprehensive list of benefits.

If you’re considering buying a body shawl wrap, check out its benefits.

Benefits of Weighted Body Shawls

  • Promote sleep & ward off anxiety.

If you’re struggling with sleep or anxiety issues, there are several ways that can help overcome these issues. Meditation, talking to your loved ones, or cognitive-behavioral therapy may provide you with some relief. Wrapping up in the weighted heatable body shawl may provide a more soothing effect, relax your mind, and calm your body, leading to quality sleep. The feeling of being hugged and in a warm embrace can lessen your other health discomforts like Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, Special Needs, etc.

  • De-stress & calm. Weighted body shawls can also help alleviate uncontrollable thoughts, so they are good for people with obsessive overthinking habits.

While the premium body shawls provide immense benefits for adults, they also help kids and the elderly.

  • Kids with ADHD benefit more from the heated body shawls. Just like a hug can boost mood and change the situation, these body shawls may help them perform better in the classroom, improve their focus, or boost their writing skills.
  • Make travel easier for you as well as your kids with this wonderful hugger. The body shawls are portable and compact, so you can easily take them along wherever you travel.
  • Reduce unexpected meltdowns.As any weighted product may help reduce meltdowns, the microwavable body shawls also handle the same. Since you can’t carry a weighted blanket, keeping a weighted shawl is a great idea.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of body shawls, know the different types of body shawls and where to buy these.

Types of Body Shawls

Weighted body shawls come in different styles and colors, and some can be used as a hot pack or a cold pack.

The heated shawls are used for therapy on your abdomen, back, across your shoulders, and to wrap an injured leg or arm. They are filled with grains and spices, which provide a pleasing aroma and soothing all-over comfort.

You warm the body shawl for a few minutes in the microwave, and that’s it – a microwavable body shawl is ready for therapy! Microwavable body shawls make great bed warmers, too.

To use the body shawl as a cold pack, place it in a plastic bag and keep it inside the freezer for about half an hour or more. Your cold pack body shawl is ready to provide relief from inflammation or swelling.

Some weighted body shawls are washable. You can machine-wash them with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle or wash them by hand.

Where to Buy These Therapeutic Body Shawls

Body shawls are a great sensory and relaxing tool with versatile functions. They provide comfort and treat various health problems.

You can find these weighted body shawls online. Just make sure you buy the top-quality body shawl at the best price. Grampa’s Garden Inc has been manufacturing best-selling Body Shawls in the USA for over 25 years!

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