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Essential Oils as Natural Remedies

It seems that the more we watch television, the more different pill commercials we will see. The pharmaceutical industry is growing vastly, even though there are plenty of warnings indicated on each label. Many people choose to use natural remedies that aid them just as well as pills without the added chemical and numerous substances. Essential oils are one of many natural remedies that people choose to turn to in order to aid their pain and physical well being.

essential oils plantsImage credit: Mareffe - Pixabay

Essential oils are oils extracted from a variety of plants, such as seeds, wood, peel, root, flowers, leaves, barriers, and other.

While some oils can be consumed others can be fused in the air to give off a calming scent and aroma.

There are numerous of essential oils to choose from that each have a different property and physical and emotional purpose. Next time you have a headache, are feeling anxious or depressed, have back aches or other pains, turn to some of these beneficial and natural essential oils instead:

Angelica root – great for pains such as back pain, cramps, psoriasis, and dull skin. Angelica root extract can also help relieve stress and nervousness.

Bay – helpful if you have dandruff, oily skin or poor circulation. This oil can also help relieve fatigue and improve your memory.

Cajeput – helps anyone that has asthma, congestion, or sore throat and will ease fatigue.

Elemi – is for anyone who is suffering from grief, agitation, bronchitis or severe coughing.

Fennel – makes a great essential oil that works for nausea, cellulite, bruises and mouth sores and gums.

Ginger –  we love ginger because it smells great and gives such wonderful flavors to food. Another reason to love ginger or ginger oil is because it eases arthritis and aching pains.

Helichrysum – for anyone with irritated skin, acne, burns, wounds, even eczema, helichrysum essential oil can help. This oil is also good when you have panic attacks or are in shock.

Juniper berry – when you want to get rid of toxins and improve your urinary system, you should try juniper berry oil. This plant is also good to take when you are agitated.

Lemongrass – a good insect repellent, helps get rid of athlete’s foot, helps ease perspiration and improves digestion.

Marjoram – good for aching muscles as well as migraines, sprains, and mood swings like PMS symptoms.

Ylang Ylang – great for PMS symptoms as well as menopause, which also makes it good for mood swings, anger and frigidity.

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